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3 times: DC Link volt. Is 140V i: 24: Low / High Pressure: 4 times: Low / High press switch OPEN: 25: AC Low / AC High Volts. 5 times: Abnormal AC volt. Input. 26: DC Compressor Position: 6 times: 27: PSC Fault (Reactor) 7 times: 28: DC Link High Volts: 8 times: Off: 29: COMP Over Current: 9 times: Inverter Compressor input current is over 30A.

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I have an lg inverter air con asnwa9gb1u2 ,roawn-nb11 power hi i have an lg inverter air con asnwa9gb1u2 ,roawn-nb11 power light comes on but just flashes.have tried turning off at mains .will turn on both lights for about a minute vent opens then turns off ag. The problem may be a malfunctioning fan motor, a low refrigerant charge, a refrigerant leak, or a blown compressor. Do not attempt to repair these issues yourself. Contact a local repair man or, if your unit's under warranty, contact the manufacturer for help. $389.99 $549.99. ADD TO CART.

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Yugen which means profound grace and subtlety, exceeds your expectations with its comfortable cooling and simplistic yet prime design. Capacity. 1.0 TR , 1.5 TR , 1.8 TR , 2.0 TR. Star Rating. 3 Star , 5 Star. Features. Expandable Inverter AC. The output side of the inverter’s AC wiring should at no time be connected to public power or a.

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-The pressures when the proper R134a refridgerant is added by weight (4.76oz) are negative on the low side. I added more r134a to get the lows to 2-3. They seem to vary quite a bit due to the inverter technology, kind of cool to watch on the gauges actually. What happens is the compressor starts and on the low side sits at around 20ish for while.

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There is no 230v at the contactor when indoor unit is powered and cooling/heating demand exists. 53. Outdoor Air Temp Sensor Fault. Outdoor air sensor not reading or out of range. 55. Outdoor Coil Sensor Fault. Coil sensor not reading or out of range. Ohm out sensor and check wiring. 56.

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This feature disables all cooling in the refrigerator and freezer sections to conserve energy while on display in a retail store. When DEMO MODE is activated, OF F will appear on the control panel. To disable DEMO/DISPLAY MODE : With either refrigerator door opened, press and hold the REFRIGERATOR and ICE PLUS buttons at the same time for five.

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7 times: 77: Current sensor error: 8 times: 4 times: 84: Pressure sensor error: 8 times: 6 times: 86: ... Air conditioners Fujitsu AWY24LBAJ are split type room air conditioners of the ceiling wall type intended for cooling and heating. There are indoor and outdoor units. The refrigerant used is R410A. ... Fast flashing: 3 times Slow flashing.

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Experience the LG Difference in HVAC - LG Air Conditioning Technologies.

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